SvelteKit is a great web framework for building full stack apps using the underlying component model from Svelte. Recently, I had to debug an issue with a form action not working when submitting to the same page the form was served from. As an example:

<form action="/go/here" method="POST">

On submit, both with a normal form POST or using the enhance action for the form, would lead to the error “Cross-site POST form submissions are forbidden”. This was only in our deployed environment and not locally.

After some trial and error, searching online, and re-reading the docs on environment variables for the Node.js adapter I realized I needed to set the ORIGIN when the node server is starting. Note: this is not set when doing the build itself. The “build” below refers to the “build” folder, not the “build” command in npm run build.

Dockerfile snippet:

# build the app 
RUN npm run build 

# assumes the default SvelteKit host and port
ENV ORIGIN=http://localhost:3000 

# start the node.js app in build folder
CMD ["node", "build"] 

Now a form action will POST properly when deployed.