Etix Checkout Process

I redesigned and developed the responsive checkout process for In the first month after its release, we saw an immediate increase in revenue on mobile devices.

Screenshot of checkout process (1 of 2)
Screenshot of Etix checkout process in iPhone frame.

One of the challenges in creating a responsive design was in the way that venues sell tickets through the platform. Venues sometimes opt to own the look and feel of their pages which live in the checkout flow of (called "cobranding"). I elected to simplify the mobile view for all our cobrands by removing extraneous background images and hiding some text at smaller screen sizes. If I were to do it again today, I'd probably leave behind the "landmarks" or "breadcrumbs" that show users how far they are in the checkout process on mobile to help orient users to their location in the checkout process.

Screenshot of checkout process (2 of 2)
Checkout process on narrow screen.
Screenshot of checkout process (2 of 2)
Same checkout screen on desktop.