IBM Digital Marketplace Storefront


As part of a team practicing DevOps in the IBM Cloud Division, I helped create page templates and UI components for the IBM Digital Marketplace "storefront". This consisted of the landing page and product detail pages.

Pages and components were built with Node.js and React and server-rendered for performance and SEO value. On the operations side, we set up and maintained our own CI/CD pipeline consisting of GitHub Enterprise, TravisCI, and Bluemix and took on-call rotation for parts of the application that our team was responsible for.

Our team maintained high code standards through pull requests with code reviews, linting, and 100% code coverage for lines of code that were customer-facing. Our application rendered pages from data stored in a Cloudant (CouchDB) database.

Screenshot of IBM Digital Marketplace landing page
The IBM Digital Marketplace landing page. My team was responsible for this landing page and product pages.
Screenshot of IBM Digital Marketplace product detail page
A product detail page on the IBM Digital Marketplace.

Usability Evaluation

As part of an ad-hoc formative analysis of the IBM Digital Marketplace, I created a moderator guide and trained several others to conduct usability evaluations leading up to the All Things Open conference in 2015. At the conference, we had a booth where we conducted usability evaluations of the Marketplace storefront pages as well as a prototype of a SaaS user administration page. I conducted some of the evaluations myself, but my role in the process was largely advisory.