Lowe's Home Improvement

One of my first projects at Lowe's was a major overhaul of the HTML and CSS of Category pages (i.e. Appliances, Outdoor Living, etc). This involved updating Java Server Pages that dynamically rendered "eSpots" for cross-sell advertising. The markup and styles had to support variations of the base category page.

As part of the Agile component team responsible for MyLowe's Lists functionality, I worked on building user interfaces that made heavy use of AJAX to dynamically update data in users' saved items lists.

I also worked on a proof of concept iPad app for MyLowe's user registration—built with PhoneGap. Researching how to use the front facing camera through PhoneGap in 2012 led to this blog post.

Screenshot of Lowes.com category page Screenshot of Lowes.com My Lists page Screenshot of retired guided selling tool on Lowes.com